What to Do When a Storm Damages your Siding

Has your Spokane home’s siding been damaged by a storm? Most people expect their roof to need repairs at one point or another, but fewer people think about this type of maintenance, apart from standard spring cleaning. If you have roof damage following a storm, it’s likely your siding is also affected.

No matter how severe the damage is, professional Spokane WA siding contractors can help. Here’s what we recommend you do if you need siding repair.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Neglecting to repair or replace this damage for too long can cost you in the long run, and you don’t have to spend too much; fixing water and wind damage inside your home is more costly than investing in your siding. 

Prolonged issues with your siding will also lead to heftier heating and cooling bills. Save yourself future headaches and costs, and contact a siding company as soon as possible. 

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

You may need to prove to your insurance provider that damage to your siding was unavoidable and no fault of your own. It’s a good idea to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible after the storm, so the damage can be assessed immediately. 

Certain insurance providers will cover your entire home, even if only one side is damaged. Make sure you know your coverage options. We recommend asking several companies what they cover and then make a decision.

Choose The Best Materials

If you do decide to have your entire home resided, this is a great opportunity to upgrade. With quality materials, you can sell your home for more money in the future.

Vinyl is more affordable and is easier to clean. It also never needs repainting, only cleaning. 

By contrast, aluminum is more affordable but often more durable. It holds up much better than vinyl in very cold climates or on homes close to the ocean.

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait to contact contractors if a storm has damaged your siding. You won’t regret investing in this integral part of your home and dealing with the damage right away! 

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