Wind Damage: How it Happens and How to Deal with It

When people think of wind damage, their minds go to images of powerful storms and even tornados. However, it’s possible that your home in Spokane, WA could suffer wind damage from less extreme weather.

Even moderately strong gusts can cause harm to your roofing over time. It’s often hard to spot, especially when the damage is happening underneath the shingles. That’s why paying regular attention to the state of your roofing and finding appropriate roof repair are the best ways to prevent mild issues from becoming a larger problem.

How Does Wind Damage Happen?

Roofing can be harmed for the following reasons:

-Major incidents 
-Gradual wear and tear 

Here are the main kinds of wind damage:

  • -Damaged Edges. Shingles around the edges take the most damage from the wind as they are exposed. This can cause leaks and weaken surrounding shingles.
  • -Loose Patches. Sometimes a patch of roofing is more vulnerable because of poor decking or being loosened by a previous incident. Strong gusts can cause major harm to these areas.
  • -Lifting. If a high wind blows over your house, it can ‘suck’ the roof upwards. This loosens the nails, meaning that lower gusts can blow between the shingles and the decking and tear a section of roofing away.
  • Debris. Very strong winds can uproot trees or cause objects to fly through the air and collide with your house. This can cause severe issues to the roofing.


Without regular roof repair, wind damage can lead to major problems. These range from leaks developing to whole portions of roofing collapsing, which is costly to repair and dangerous. 

What to Do

Keep an eye on the state of your roof, especially shingles around the edges. If you notice even minor issues, roof repair can save you much bigger problems down the line.

Bottom Line

Even if there is no visible damage, contacting a Spokane roof repair expert to make an assessment is never a bad idea. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure peace of mind.

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