Why We Use Malarkey Shingles

Shingles remain the most popular roofing option among homeowners, and for a few good reasons. They have an attractive design, a wide range of style and color options, and a low cost. All these factors contribute to the enduring popularity of shingles for homeowners and roofing contractors alike.

One drawback can be that low-quality shingles are vulnerable to the elements. It can necessitate costly repairs that many homeowners find they can’t afford. Damage to roofs is often unexpected, and many of us don’t budget for sudden major repair work. Shingle quality is thus of the utmost importance, and any honest roofing company will make this clear.

Malarkey roofing products are famous for many reasons. One of these is the superior shingle quality. As experienced Spokane roofers, we use Malarkey roofing products because we know they are just the best option for our customers.

What Makes Malarkey Better Than the Competition?

There are several reasons why we use Malarkey shingles. The common denominator of all of these is quality.

We Stake Our Reputation on It

Because of the attention the company pays to the quality of its shingles, Malarkey is the only major player to have never been in a class-action lawsuit. Owens Corning, IKO, GAF have all had legal action taken against them over their products’ quality.

We strive to provide the best service a Spokane roofing company can offer, and Malarkey’s clean reputation makes this a no-brainer for us. The quality of Malarkey roofing products puts them ahead of the competition. As Spokane roofers looking to provide the best service possible to our customers, we use only the best materials. We stake our reputation on it. Our mission is to ensure that you never find yourself having to sue for the product you deserve.

Shingle quality is essential for a long-lasting roof, and honesty is the hallmark of any roofing company worth your time and money. Our Spokane roofers can always tell you exactly why good roofing contractors use Malarkey shingles.

Our Spokane Roofing Company Builds Roofs to Last

Roofing inspectors carry out extensive testing to determine shingle quality. They rate how resilient roofs are to things such as impact damage. 

The highest class of shingles in terms of impact resistance is class 4, which covers all the products offered by Malarkey except their three-tab shingles, which are class 3. This level of resilience can stand up to heavy weather.

As a rule of thumb, it’s far cheaper to invest in a high-quality product from the start and save yourself costly repairs down the line.

As a premier Spokane roofing company, we are nothing if not trustworthy. It is why we use Malarkey roofing products. Our roofing contractors will always tell you why you should only use the highest shingle quality for your roof. Preventing damage from the start is the best way to ensure peace of mind and the potentially costly damage from roofing problems.

Some Malarkey roofs also offer a better guarantee than the competition on wind damage. Other companies typically offer a guarantee on winds up to 130mph, whereas Malarkey guarantees up to 140mph on certain roofs. This confidence in the product is another reason why we use Malarkey shingles.

Trustworthy Spokane Roofers, Trustworthy Roofing Materials

We only use the highest quality shingles for your roof. You can rest easy knowing that your home has protection and maintenance from the very best roofing company in Spokane.

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