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Roof Repairs

Benefits of a new roof or roof repair:

  • Monthly savings on your homeowner’s insurance
  • Keep the elements out of your home
  • Aesthetic appeal

The consequences of a neglected roof

  • Mold development
  • Risk to your family’s safety
  • Comprising curb appeal
  • Additional structural damage

A roof is a big investment, typically requiring thousands of your hard-earned dollars. As with any big investment knowing in advance what type of warranty is available to you is paramount, as it can save you thousands in the event that a problem arises with your roof. At Avidus Construction, we stand behind our work, which is why we offer a 15-year craftsmanship warranty on both our asphalt and metal roofs. The materials we use come with either a 20-year or a 50-year material warranty, depending on the company.

What you can expect from our roofing specialists:

  • In-depth, comprehensive inspection to determine whether a repair or replacement is needed
  • Informative consultations to help you make an educated decision about your roof-we do not push you to replace your roof if we can repair the issue
  • Thorough maintenance to preserve the integrity of your roof
  • Help choosing the most appropriate roofing system for your needs and budget
  • Expert installation with top-quality materials

During your initial consultation, we will discuss the benefits of choosing either composite shingles or metal roofing for your house and location. We install both and offer a 100% warranty on both. Give us a call today!