5 Things to Know When You Notice a Roof Leak

Issues such as leaks always happen at the most inconvenient times. If left untreated, their impact can be devastating. They can lead to water damage, which can put the structure and your health at risk

By identifying a roof leak early, you can prevent extensive damages before they occur. Keep reading for five helpful things to know if you notice leaking and when you need to start to call for roof repair.

1) Check Your Shingles

A significant sign of leaks is curling shingles. This warping can result from hot air trapped in the attic or even water absorption. Once shingles sustain damage, they can no longer protect from rain or leaks. Missing shingles could mean that the damage came from a storm. Call your Spokane roof repair company to assess the shingle damage. 

2) Check for Spots on Ceiling, Roof, and Walls

When water leaks into your house, it can cause water stains on your ceilings, roof, and walls. If left untreated, these leaks can even travel down rafters and cause another leak away from the source. Water spots are the most obvious way to detect this issue. 

3) Look for Missing Granules

Another sign of roof damage is missing granules. This problem usually happens on older shingles due to wind damage or even tree damage, and it also means they need replacing. Naked shingles will not protect your home from anything. 

4) Lack of Attic Ventilation

If there is no proper ventilation in your attic, it can cause hot air to become trapped. This hot air forces your air conditioner to work harder, which can drive up your electricity bill. It also bakes the shingles, causing you to need more extensive repairs. 

5) Roof Rot 

Roof rot is another warning sign of leaking and potential structural damage. This rot results from the absorption of moisture in the mat. This issue commonly happens with shingles made of organic-based materials. To avoid this, get inspections regularly. 

Get Regular Roof Inspections in Spokane WA

Roof repairs and replacements can be expensive in Spokane, WA, especially when the damage is severe. Be proactive and identify potential problems and get them fixed as soon as you notice an issue.

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